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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  August 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good monday morning. august 8, 2016 things for waking
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and percentages will start to climb for a scene that some tropical system heading into the fall. i know i'm jumping ahead twotwo points have stayed in the middle 50s that have find out is notn high overhead iso going to
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cloud cover clouds early today becoming mostly sunny shifting east andi we startn to see humidity will start to go park puzzle increase space bar and everything will come together in going to comes together especially tuesday met until wednesday are thunderstorm chances will start to climb weto won't see any effect today it will still stay pretty warm with highsil in the middle 80s especially late this morning. these rich philco up otherwise a start to see more breaks in the heat early next week. everybody's talking about the weschler with the construction is in place and they are out there working if you are traveling a long often boulevard that's for you will enter onto the weschler way if you contine along clifton boulevard will get
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to said turn. once again eastbound clifton att the detour onto west boulevard northbound as you get downnt to the weschler way family west boulevard is close to the southbound directions at clifton. home thought work will be in place for three weeks. it is open as you can see a loto of traffic out there that it closed over the weekend no problems near 71 at west 25ths looks liket it's going to be anothergb they are going to repair thisr covert that will have chardon road close tov that is your alternate route. and leads police on a chase c before shooting and killing himself here in cleveland.
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dill has more on what we know. good at morning everyone.v the seen here on mlk is all clickslk it just cleared and may be open open the roads this is the area where all ended this is with the suspect shot killed himself t mlk is health and tht this is after he murdered hiss ex-girlfriend and that went onn tot shoot two more people look t this as much shot. p he shot and killed himself just after 11:00 p.m. last night they were called to review rain on reports of shots fired they found a 40 -year-old woman with multiple gunshot wounds toan her torso she was taken to thek
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after leaving the elyria t buffered was involved in a double shooting and south euclid those victims are not known at this time this a buffered scott i 90is chase came into clevelaa they were able to stop the vehicle at mlk at 100 fifth.i thisf is where he then shothe himself and wasn pronounced dead at the same as for thes identities of f the woman who ws killed in elyria released until they can notify them stick with us for any updates. on update on another big story that weer told you about delta r lines now displaying all flighto that airlines is having a worldwide computer system.
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passengers all around numbers to someone onset it's the airlinei can fromr the systems were down and it will be much longer. that's no longer the case its seems likee it's going to be a whilein the best devices to cal before you leave to check on your status.c ticket prices and when that happens man is behind bars in connection with the overdose in 24 people matthew gross their candy into the crowdin laced with a synthec chemical pounds of pot and marijuana be prevented fox 8 at these pictures taken brian estan festival tour who told stopped themhe because they show him reaching
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an idea of backpack showing he is licensed in michigan to possess and grow marijuana.mi a new restaurant will open and its place today. nowlle t i hope their doors fore first time today.od jim brennan was killed during aa robbery two years ago to a restaurant close time ont saturday some of thost workers will work for the tavern company in the owner says he plans to remember jim brennan in some way. 5:38 a.m. is your time now. teaming up to make dreams come true how to companies the big presence in northeast ohio areis
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community leaders say it's replacement
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>> welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning. 5:41 a.m. we have a new face the fox 8 we do as a bring it tol. the people wt they make some is got to do it's job travel all over the place it we can tell you can go through them is got a do or i wish it was me. cc for more than welcome to the
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is the time.e it's going to be a beautiful day. how would you like to be davidd moss for a week or twoa waynea hijacks his neighbor peopley there's something joe linda and 85 should be the high today we generally stay in the middle ad high 80s most of the afternoon and stay in the low 70s through about pretty lightly increase highe clouds late tonight and fall back into the mid- 60s and increase the humidity60 andnd increase the heat tomorrow around 90 as the humidity builds tomorrow we will have a weekwe front coming in from the northwest see how we had thunderstorms lineup will seel them driftingl and through thiss south the coverage will need to
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40 percent coverage tomorrow will be some local area but the picked up about a quarter to a half an inch of rain will be areas 50 not see much rain tomorrow. teach on the timing as we get a little closer more than likely at any of this with develop in the evening and continue off and on through wednesday. eight-day coming up in just a few minutes. it's an organization that makes a big difference in people 57 they really needed the most. make-a-wish is getting a big boost to kick off a major fundraising effort. they presented $10,000 check to make go yesterday there mark partnering with mark spirit of able to purchase stars of the cash registers to donate $1 or $5 to make a wish he went to hide you could make a dishes and make wishes come true just as robert burgess when he was 14arw years old he was battling leukemia to make a wish set him
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the thing that was really great is that make-a-wish gave me the hope to get-w me through my treatment get to the souple and that was really just something that's priceless.rea >> they have contributed more than a half a million dollars to make a wish on a national basis. this funds for mankind kristi capel and herhis duke edwards h wash born at 5:16 a.m. wayne a pounce and 13 ounces at the big boy. i told kristi he is all linebacker size. they're all doing well will kristi says big sister can't stop kissing and i think that he
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say he can mold into his image nothingin like having us on shes good to go. is doing hisent bidding vicariously through his he's making them work like a dog.he is a good dad. it is a scallop college scholarship money.on we do weather and traffic every eight minutes stay with us we
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the chances not be chances of storms and begin to increase the eight-day coming up next a 15
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morning the news at six same begins right now. >> welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning it's monday august 8. while come if you're just joining're us this morning it's good to have you hear my name is natalie perfecthe filling in for kristi capel who is onil materny leave. what's y for her and her family.r we'll check in with scott sabolf all-american family. that the picket fence. that's only wayne.ay the cloudsn have been pretty thick especially south webcam


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